burette – schilling – automatic – clear – Class AS – conformity batch certified – schellbach stripe – blue scale

  • Manufactured from pre-vacuum calibrated borosilicate 3.3 tubing according to ISO 385 standard.
  • Calibrated according to DIN/ISO Class “AS” standard. Featured with a (“DE-M”) conformity mark according to German federal weights and measures regulations.
  • Individual calibration carried out by automatic robots eliminate possible deviations from nominal values.
  • Conformity mark and batch number printed on the body surface. Batch certificate can be downloaded from website.
  • Supplied with a PTFE “needle” valve stopcocks which does not require greasing at all.
  • Alternative 2 burettes: Clear burettes or Clear burettes
  • Clear Schilling burettes are featured with a schellbach stripe for easier and accurate observation of the meniscus line.
  • Inscriptions and nominal values on clear burettes are printed with blue enamel.
  • Inscriptions and nominal values on amber burettes are printed with white enamel.
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