cryo tube workstation – P.C – 50 well


  • Manufactured from autoclavable polycarbonate with high mechanical strength.
  • Resistant to most acids , bases, and many commonly used solvents. Guarantees high temperature resistance between -196?C to +121?C.
  • Uniquely designed to carry 50 pieces of 2,0 ml & 5,0 ml volume cryo tubes in 10 x 5 array.
  • These racks allow easy one handed opening and closing of tubes thanks to an innovative locking system.
  • The locking system at the well bottoms ensures that tubes will securely lock in each position and will not return in their axis.
  • Alphanumerical index on tube rows enables easy identification of tube positions.
  • Featured with a frosted write on and labelling area at the front side.
  • Different color options offer visual sorting and organising of different samples