EC HPLC column (analytical), NUCLEODUR 100-5 NH2, 5 µm

This HPLC column is packed with polar aminopropyl modification, based on high purity NUCLEODUR silica gel. This HPLC phase is able to generate a clearly recognizable different retention behavior compared to purely alkyl-functionalized surface modifications. Besides cyano modifications, amino modifications belong to the most frequently used polar silica phases. Amino phases can be run in the RP mode using aqueous-organic eluent mixtures as well as in the NP mode, e.g., with hexane as mobile phase. Also anion exchange chromatography of anions and organic acids using common buffers (e.g., acetate or phosphate) in conjunction with organic modifiers (e.g., acetonitrile) is possible. Separation mechanism based on polar interactions, hydrophobic interactions and weak ion exchange interactions.

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