Expell and Expell Secure Micro Tubes

  • The exclusive design of EXPellSecure Microcentrifuge Tubes reduces the risk of accidental opening or popping off during intense centrifugation or heating
  • The hinged lid of EXPellSecure MCT provides reliable long term sample integrity, with a leak proof performance and a minimal sample loss due to evaporation during incubation or storage
  • EXPell and EXPellSecure MCT are manufactured from virgin PP, out of the finest molds available
  • One-handed open/close operation
  • Perfect sealing and evaporation protection
  • Polished interior to prevent from protein adhesion
  • High clarity for good sample visibility
  • All EXPell and EXPellSecure MCT are DNase, RNase, Pyrogen free and withstand up to 20.000g
  • EXPellPlus Secure Low-Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes offer a superior smooth inner surface, minimizing sample binding
  • EXPellSecure Black Microcentrifuge Tubes offer a special focus on processing light-sensitive samples
  • The black Polypropylene compound creates a completely opaque barrier, preventing light from causing any reactions within the liquid inside the tube, making the tubes ideal for processing light sensitive samples
  • EXPellSecure Black Microcentrifuge Tubes are suitable for applications requiring photo-sensitive, fluorescent or ethidium bromide probes

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