Flash chromatography column, glass complete with adaptor,200 mm L,20 mm ID,empty

Glass columns and kits for low pressure flash chromatography. Suited for the separation of compounds up to gram levels. These columns are normally filled to a height of about 15 cm, working pressures are 1.5 to 2 bar. The most used adsorbent is silica 60 with particle size 40?63 ??m, however, you may also use our ranges of other LC adsorbents and POLYGOPREP silica phases. Particle sizes < 25 ??m should only be used with very low-viscosity mobile phases, because otherwise flow rates will be very low. These columns are to be packed by the user. Flash chromatography glass columns complete with adapter and PTFE tap, fitted with a polyethylene net to protect against bursting.

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