*Limited-While Stock Last* gloves – neopren – for chemical protection


  • Manufactured from polychloroprene which can cause allergy to the skin.
  • Classified as CE category III they can be used both at laboratories and industry.
  • Offers protection against semiconcentrated acids, concentrated bases, cocentrated saline solutions, glycerol, solvents, alcohols, fats and oils.
  • Provide superior mechanical resistance against abrasion and perforation.
  • Easy to wear due to the anatomical shape. Extremely supple due to the multi-layer technology.
  • Excellent fit and flexible texture offers full dexterity and comfort during use.
  • Cotton flock liner inside the glove absorbs moisture and prevents sweating during use.
  • Slightly textured fingers and palm guarantee excellent grip and handling option both for dry, wet and oily products.
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