SPE adsorbents (bulk), CHROMABOND SA

Packing material, adsorbents for SPE applications. Benzenesulfonic acid modified silica, strongly acidic cation exchanger (SCX, capacity ~ 0.5 meq/g), adsorbent with hydrophobic and π-π interactions (benzene ring), ion exchange of organic compounds from aqueous matrix, elution of interesting compounds with solvent systems, which compensate the ionic and nonpolar interactions, e.g., methanolic HCl.

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Technical Data


Hazardous material Yes
Method Solid phase extraction (SPE), packing material (adsorbent, bulk)
Base material Silica gel
Surface chemistry Silica gel with benzenesulfonic acid modification, strongly acidic cation exchanger (SCX)
Mode Ion exchange (IEX)
Particle type Fully porous particles (FPP)
Particle shape Irregular
Particle size 45 µm
pH stability 2.0–8.0
Pore size 60 Å
Recommended application(s) Clean-up, Enrichment, Packing material, Sample preparation, Solid phase extraction, SPE applications
Endcapped No
Storage temperature RT
Scope of delivery 1x 100 g adsorbent in glass container


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