SPE cartridges, CHROMAFIX C4, Small

CHROMAFIX cartridges are PP cartridges with PE filter elements. Three different sizes with different adsorbent weights – Small (0.4 mL), Medium (0.8 mL), Large (1.8 mL). Especially suited for convenient solid phase extraction of small sample volumes. Female Luer fitting at the inlet, male Luer tip as exit. Offers alternative way of handling using positive pressure by syringes or peristaltic pumps.

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Cartridge Size

Small, Medium

Technical Data


Hazardous material No
Method Solid phase extraction (SPE)
Base material Silica gel
Phase C4
Surface chemistry Butyl (C4) modified silica phase, not endcapped
Mode Reversed phase (RP)
Hardware Polypropylene (PP) cartridges with polyethylene (PE) filter elements
Column type SPE cartridge
Column shape Tubular syringe-shaped cartridge with Luer tip inlet and outlet
Endcapped No
pH stability 2.0–8.0
Carbon content 7.0 %
Filter element material Polyethylene (PE)
Recommended application(s) Analgetics from blood, Compounds which are too strongly retained on C18 or C8
Pressure stability (max) 10 bar
Storage temperature RT


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